warningpad-cityTec Composites‘ knowledge and experience enables us to offer customized products and services to a variety of industries. We tailor make cast elastomer formulations to meet industry requirements, ranging from durometers’ shore OO to D. Some optimal qualities of Tec Composites’ products are

• High and low volume part production at a cost savings.
• Product replication to custom specification.
• Design-specific components that account for temperature, shrinkage and excessive use.
• ASTM tested materials for hardness, tensile, elongation and angle tear.
• 100% American made materials.

Our warehouse space accommodates production of large parts and small parts alike. Tec Composites’ facilities were designed to meet production, storage, transport, and distribution demands of our variety of customers.

Tec Composites’ capabilities build consumer confidence by delivering optimal solutions to meet industry-specific needs.