Our Process

Customized Urethane Prototype

Tec Composites aims to provide the best products, services, and experience to all customers. We use a systematic approach when it comes to delivering innovative solutions. Learn about our process and find out how we get things done.


Our process begins with a conversation. We talk to every client and evaluate their specific needs before developing formulations and prototypes. We gather enough information so we can provide the most appropriate solution. We design and manufacture products based on the following aspects:

  • Application of the part
  • Use of the part under all possible conditions
  • Operating temperatures
  • Desired part quantity and quality
  • Chemical compatibility requirements


step2Material Selection

The materials used for each project depends on the results of each evaluation undertaken. We look for the best material supplier and look for the closest urethane formulation match to keep the cost low while keeping quality at the highest level. We can develop a customized formula if existing formulations don’t match part specifications. We consider our clients’ priorities when choosing the right materials for their project.


step3Material Testing

We start creating samples after determining the most appropriate material. We provide samples and a data sheet to help customers assess the part’s formula, color, pigment, and feel. This process helps us figure out whether the samples suit our clients’ specifications or not. It also facilitates fast delivery and timely production.


step4Prototype Approval

Tec Composites creates a customized urethane prototype based on the samples approved by the customers. We let them approve the formula recipe and mould design before we start manufacturing the parts they need.



We begin producing parts once we receive customer approval. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the latest technology to make the production process as accurate and efficient as possible. By confirming customer satisfaction early in the design process, we ensure that each part has the right:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Feel
  • Urethane formula
  • Application tolerance

Work with us to get the urethane parts that meet your industry-specific needs. Contact us today for an initial consultation.