Urethane Drain Plugs

Spills can happen without any warning whatsoever, and if not controlled immediately, they can cause health risks and damage to your property. Ignoring the problem can also lead to fines and other issues with regulating agencies. Installing urethane drain plugs is an effective way to prevent hazardous chemicals from entering your drains.

Tec Composites is a trusted manufacturer of spill control products. Based in Florida, we are a company with over 30 years of experience in providing urethane parts to a wide range companies belonging to industries. We established a solid reputation by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and maintaining strong relationships.

Whether you need drain plugs for preventative maintenance or spill control purposes, we’re here to help.

Quality Plugs for Maximum Protection against Spills

Chemical spills are dangerous and can spread easily if left uncontrolled. It’s best to have drain plugs in place to avoid serious consequences. We design and manufacture plugs made from chemical resistant material called urethane. These products are flexible and form a tight seal over your drains. They’re reusable, easy to clean, and are available in different sizes. Some units have removable eyebolts that allow for easy installation and removal.

Excellent Service for Your Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is top priority for everyone on the Tec Composites team. We follow the strictest and highest standards when it comes to designing and manufacturing our products. The goal is to meet, if not exceed, client expectations and we make this happen through close cooperation. Trust that you will be involved in the process and will see how things get done. It all starts with a consultation – an opportunity for us to learn about specific needs and goals. We then provide recommendations and create prototypes of the products needed. We start the production process once clients approve the samples.

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